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An image of Paul Willis the founder of Queer Conscious.

Paul Willis   |  Blueflame

Hi!  And welcome to Queer Conscious.  Thanks for stopping by.  I am passionate about supporting and developing people to access and live life to their full potential. 

Queer Conscious™ came out of an experience I had where I witnessed sensitive people close to me numbing themselves to cope with going out into public or being around energy, and for some of them, this was a coping mechanism they had for over 30 years as they were sensitive (empathic) to energy and didn't know it. 


Through my personal evolution and processing of stuck emotional energy caused by life experiences, I became dedicated to supporting queer empaths and intuitives to discover their full potential...their superpower.  Being Queer and empathic/intuitive is a superpower.   

Meet the Founder

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