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Sacred Intimacy Coaching - In-person

Discover your true intimate self and experience joy and pleasure in all areas of your life.

  • 1 hour
  • 185 US dollars
  • Cathedral City

Service Description

Our body houses a wondrous amount of information to lead the life we desire and live at our full potential. Intimacy with ourselves and others is a key to thriving and experiencing our birthright of pleasure whenever we desire. Imagine being able to access your guiding lifeforce energy, your Eros as a driver of all your experiences, whether it be making a dreamy fluffy cake for dessert or engaging in intimate touch and pleasure with your partner. Being able to sense and verbalize what is going on in your body is an important step to being able to make freer decisions when it comes to experiencing pleasure. Sacred Intimacy Coaching supports you to reconnect with the sacred information in your body to experience freedom so it can guide you to have authentic, safe, and empowering experiences. These sessions support you to work through blocks you may have to pleasure. Using a variety of conscious breathwork, touch practices, consent, intention, and energy-release techniques, we will work on identifying the sources of your blocks to pleasure with compassion before exploring sacred embodiment that will support you in all areas of your life. Sessions are at your pace and begin with a pre-session consultative conversation to identify how to proceed to allow a courageous space to be accessible to you. The aim of these sessions is for you to regain the ability to notice and observe what is happening in your body. Each session will follow your body's energy, whether it starts with contraction or resistance, to eventually allow flow and be present in the moment, embodied and confident to experience pleasure. These sessions support people who may: - struggle with their sexuality and/or sexual identity - have body image/shame or fear of being seen experiencing pleasure - blockages to pleasure due to previous negative experiences or negative programming from parents or society - want to regain their ability to feel good and enjoy pleasure - wish to enhance their erotic energy and sexual experiences - have desires to access their erotic self - be burdened by limiting beliefs and behaviors around pleasure - have experienced a change in life and want to reignite pleasure in their life - want to reconnect with their birthright to access sensation and pleasure. It takes time and patience to unwind & release our energetic blocks so consider booking a package to get the most benefit. All sessions are conducted without judgment.

Cancelation Policy

No refunds are available once you have booked. All booking payments are final. Understandably, things come up unexpectedly. If you cannot attend your original booking, you can reschedule up to 12 hours before the original booking time. You can reschedule your booking for use within ten (10) days from that original booking. Please email to reschedule. You forfeit your booking and payment in full if: - you change your mind after booking - you don't attend your scheduled booking - you cancel your booking within 12 hours of the scheduled booking time. If you are running late or having technical difficulties (online), session times will not be extended, and you forfeit that part of the session you are late for.

Contact Details

  • Cathedral City, CA, USA

    +1 (972) 515-1046

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