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Queer Conscious

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Being Queer or Gay and Empathic is a UNIQUE SUPERPOWER!  

It's time to celebrate you and embrace your superpower.


Everyone has the capacity to feel the emotions of others, distinct from ourselves.  Being empathic and possessing an innate empathy is a natural human trait.  ​But not everyone is in touch with this gift.​  Empathy is a crucial mechanism for understanding another person, helping us to feel the emotions of someone distinct from ourselves.

Empaths are capable of energetically perceiving or sensing the emotions of others through a form of extra-sensory perception. Empaths are extremely sensitive to emotional energy.  They often also feel a sense of duty to serve others, to heal the suffering of people and of mankind, and make the world a better and safer place.   This sense of duty can be critically damaging to an Empath.


What is unique about Queer Empaths?

In light of everything we have experienced, Queer Empaths can see the layers of personality in our community in more depth than others. We can see when our brothers and sisters are struggling or acting out, in particular, that may not be authentic.  

We may see when others are insecure, in toxic energy, and are putting on a show to cope with what is going on internally for them. We have a higher capacity to show compassion, step into who we are, and bring light to others.   

Our ability to feel what's driving our brothers and sisters' behavior gives us the ability to support them in their process of releasing the suppression of who they are.  This is a SUPERPOWER.   And as an empath, intuitive or sensitive, we can develop our skills to do just that.  Be a superpower and bring light to our community. 

But it shouldn't be done at our so often it is.

Why Queer?

People identify in many ways based on how they feel in their body, mind, and soul.   In the LGBTQIA+ communities, we celebrate a range of identities and expressions.   Whether it is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender fluid, poly, non-binary, and more, all expressions are welcome here.


Queer is a term that encompasses marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities used within this platform as a means to build community and empowerment.  

Let's help redefine the stigma of the word Queer and shine our unique light on it.


Are you in control of your Superpower?

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or isolated?    You are not alone.    Most empaths, or people who feel others' energy and don't realize they are empaths, can suffer a trying and difficult existence.    It doesn't have to be that way.  If you feel you need support, take a moment to check out the support and resources available.

The how and why!

Queer Conscious™, as a support platform for LGBTQIA+ Empaths, sensitivities, and intuitive's, was born out of a personal experience of Paul the founder.   After moving to a new country, and starting a new relationship in a new culture, Paul witnessed his partner, and some of his partner's friends were sensitive to the energy around them even when they didn't realize it.  The experiences he was witnessing included sensitives, empaths, and intuitives numbing themselves to be able to cope with the energy flying around them in varied situations.  Whether it be in workplaces, from toxic friends or relatives, in shopping malls, concerts, and especially bars, he saw how numbing has become a culture for many people that can feel energy.  

From these personal experiences and his drive to build a community to support sensitive, empathic, and intuitive queer folk Queer Conscious was born in 2019.    A meet-up group was created in his local community with a few successful meetings with a great number of people attending from his local city.  With an energy shift in himself, followed by the global pandemic we experienced in 2020, everything came to a halt. After a lot of sitting in the process of creation, presenting a few workshops virtually during the pandemic, doing personal work on himself, building his own business, and going through a major life change, his energy is now focused on seeing through his original vision of providing a platform that will support queer sensitives, empaths and intuitive's to understand who they are, what energy is, how to work with it and how to live a freer life while stepping into the SUPERPOWER of being queer and conscious to energy.   

More about Paul

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