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Meet Nathan


Thanks for stopping by.  


I'm J. Nathan White.  I identify as a ‘Divine Conduit’. Sharing the gift and art of connecting to my inner self and highest power through meditation and other modalities, I find the everyday world filled with cosmic wander and share my connection to Spirit through my paintings, meditations, and spiritual development work. All with the intention of inviting others into the awareness of their own connection to Oneness that is in all.  


“If you want this journey to be enchanted with the twinkle of the stars, be in choice. If you want this journey to be filled with love and wealth, choose the thoughts and actions that are filled with love and wealth. Each day we make hundreds of choices. Which thoughts to let define us, to use or not use our voice, to act out of kindness or fear. With each choice, we have the opportunity to transform our lives. Being in choice is the most powerful decision we can make. If you’re not happy with who you are, choose one thought to let go of, do something simple, seemingly small differently today.”  


Peace and prosperity, 



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