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Thanks for stopping by.  


Let me take a moment to introduce myself.   I'm Paul (aka Blueflame) and work as an energy release practitioner. 


After my journey of releasing blocked energy in my body that prevented me from stepping into my authentic self, I witnessed a desire to support others to do the same.  


My passion and skills sit in leading, coaching, and supporting people to access their natural energy (authentic self) as a tool to guide them in all areas of their life.    

Conscious Eros was created to offer self-identified gay and queer men opportunities to experience their authentic selves to welcome more pleasure in their life.  

As an energy intuitive, I work with people from a conscious base embedded in compassion and consent to provide a courageous, non-judgemental space for you to access and explore your birthright - pleasure!

  • A casual chat to identify where you are, and how we can work together.

    15 min

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